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    14.2 Rudder Hardware

    Catalina Direct. Click on link:
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    Getting Water in My Hull

    You can remove the 4 phillips head srcews from the centerboard bracket and the entire centerboard assembly will pull up. I 've attached photos from Catalina Direct which shows how the bracket cradles the centerboard at the pivot point. You can use any silicone based caulk just be sure the area...
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    Vang Wire Pennant Purpose

    The purpose of the wire is it's strength and stretch resistance properties. According to Catalina's parts manager and the local Catalina dealer here, the wire pennant is most often replaced with Spectra line since the advancement in line strength technology has brought it up to par with wire...
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    Newbie here...i have a capri 14.2

    I must be way off on my estimation of 1990 for my Capri if Greg's hull number is 1987. Greg, Is your hull number on a stainless plate on the forward side of the transom?
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    Newbie here...i have a capri 14.2

    I recently aquired hull number 1000 for free from Craigslist. I'm estimating the year to be 1990 since production began in 1986. My early Mod 1has a stainless plate with "CP 14.2 1000" stamped into it located on the forward side ot the transom. If your interested, I recently found a great...
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    Trouble Editing Photos

    Has anyone else on the forum encountered problems uploading and editing photos. I kept trying to upload a photo to the album and kept getting this error message: "Database error The Capri/Catalina 14.2 Forum database has encountered a problem...
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    Centerboard hard to lower & raise

    Centerboard replaced with an improper width? Quote from Catalina Direct webpage describing the Centerboard shackle set @ "The 14.2 and 15 have used two different centerboards over the years...
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    Centerboard hard to lower & raise

    I just removed the centerboard on my Mod 1 last week and it was remarkably easy. Just remove the four stainless screws in the stainless plate just forward of the barney post and the entire board will come out without having to remove the barney post. Then you can inspect the centerboard to see...
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    GPS Speedometer

    IPhone? Have you thought about an Iphone? You can get the 3Gs for $49 and there's an App called MotionX GPS (99 cents) Has the option to change from MPH to Kts, a compass, and gives you SOG (speed on the ground) and VMG (velocity made good). Plus you can call for a tow!
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    wtb rudder or parts for a rudder

    Good Luck! Your best bet is going to, I've looking for the entire rudder assembly for many months without any luck. If you find anything better, please give me a shout out and I'll do the same for you! ~Jay
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    Wanted:  Rudder Complete or parts

    In dire need of a complete rudder or will settle for just parts (head, casting, pintle strap) for a Capri 14. Prefer kick-up rudder but fixed rudder will be fine!
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    I would like to buy rudder parts or the whole assembly. Please email me at

    I would like to buy rudder parts or the whole assembly. Please email me at
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    Need a trailer!

    Brought my "free" Catalina 14.2 home in a U-Haul! I Don't know what size trailer is a good fit for her. Any suggestions I what I should be looking for?
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    For Sale: C14 Sails - used

    I sent you a text can you mail me a set too?