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    Best sunglasses?

    Most Costas and Kaenons are available in prescription. I'm after the same thing.
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    Best sunglasses?

    I am looking for a new pair of shades for mostly inshore dinghy sailing. Lasers and F18's mostly. Narrowed it down to Costas and Kaenons. Which is a better lens?
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    I am a new "newbie" looking for advice!

    if you think a laser will be too much you can always go with a laser 4.7 or radial which are the same but just smaller sails. but if you just want to daysil go with a v15. i sail c420s and they are fun but not good to just daysail... only race and go fast...
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    Kb1 Racer Jacket Or Smock?

    my club is buying 4 j22s and i am going to be a bowman on the boat. i want to buy a gill kb1 racer jacket or smock but am not sure whichone to get... which is best?
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    looking for cheap 4.7 near sarasota, fl

    title saya it all ;)
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    is your laser still for sale? if so could you send me some pictures?

    is your laser still for sale? if so could you send me some pictures?
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    Who's going to Orange Bowl in Miami?

    head count
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    GoPro vs. Contour

    iam looking at some mountable cameras to mount on the 420 and my head. i hear both contour and GoPro are good but which is better. i dont quite like the bulkiness of the go pro and am a little worried it might get hit off my head by the boom. what are your opinions.
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    Centerboard help

    im not familiar with that boat but in a 420 the front one pulls it up and holds it up and the aft pulls it down.
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    trap harnesses

    thanks both of you. i just got a magic marine revolution and am extremely happy with it.
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    trap harnesses

    hi, Im fairly new to sailing and am starting to race 420s for the first time. i was wondering what trap harnesses are best for me. im 13, 5', 100 lbs. thanks, 420racer