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    Rules applicable to breakdown of supplied equipment

    What should be my course of action if something on a supplied boat breaks? Last weekend, in a friendly fleet race (supplied boats) one of the traveller fairleads broke on my boat immediately after the start. This had me wondering what I should have done had this been in a competitive ranking...
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    How to leave the boat for fast re-rigging

    Yeah. Unstepping the mast is pretty much the only option. What I do when I know I'm going out the next day is unstep the mast, take out the battens and roll the sail around the mast. Leave the mainsheet and outhaul on the boom.That way, all I need to do the next day is insert the battens, step...
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    Getting Back Into Sailing - Fitness Aspects

    I've been out of the sailing scene for a long time now. Had to quit due to an injury and then moved to a landlocked area. Now that I'm back on the coast, I'm looking to start sailing again. Here's the problem, I'm physically sound, except my flexibility has gone down the drain, for example when...
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    Anyone fancy a cry!!!

    All I ask is WHY????
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    My Longfellows are showing

    too good
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    you're said to head up when going froma run to a reach or from a reach to a beat. you're said to bear away when going from a beat to a reach or from a reach to a run.
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    How to seal Dyneema?

    i use a hot knife similar to the one shown in the link below it has two LEDs at the end as well which help a lot especially since most of my line handling and rig preparation takes place in a...
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    Help meeeee!!!!!

    thanx people. maybe i was just freaking out. but the thing is i have to prepare for the committee debating sessions as well and that requires a lot of time and dedication.
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    Help meeeee!!!!!

    Okay people I have a model UN coming up in which my team's representing Syria. We have an event called the global village in which each team sets up a stall in which they represent their country's history and culture. The gloal village is on friday and i have no ideas whatsoever about what to do...
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    Volvo Round the World Race Game

    everyone post your final rankings in leg1 and current rankings of leg2.
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    Volvo Round the World Race Game

    oneillt90 i sent u a message on virtual VOR. and guys we need more ppl in the group. laser sailors are the biggest chunk of the sailing population.
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    Volvo Round the World Race Game

    I am playing the game and am currently ranked 34001th :o. But i can't seem to find the group you mentioned.
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    Laser as SUV

    also in the video the bow seems to be riding the chop pretty well. is the load particularly light or are you sitting way too far back??? all in all i really love the idea.:)
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    TLF on facebook.

    alright people. i have a proposal here. how about we make a group of TLF members on facebook. seeing that we have 8800 members it should be a pretty big group. it will just make us laserites into one big community. and a pretty big community by facebook standards. hope the admins take action...