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    Looking for safety tips for sailing all alone

    One thing that I haven't seen come up: take an aural and a visual method of signaling for help appropriate for where you are sailing and time of day. I sail my Sunfish on inland rivers and lakes, so the waters are pretty tame. I make do with a really loud waterproof blast whistle tied on to my...
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    Trailer, maybe also a dolly

    Look on craigslist for used jet ski trailers.
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    Rollaboat Tote First Impressions

    My extended family has a rollaboat tote at the lake house. It can be used to haul the fish single handedly out of the water across maybe 30 yards of grass to where we flip it and store it. It could certainly be used for a longer haul, but when in use there's nothing to keep the nose or stern...
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    How to repair cracked coaming?

    Hello Sunfish friends: My recently purchased 'fish came with a crack in the coaming, starboard side, that I managed to make worse while getting on the trailer it at the end of a recent trip to the lake. Not a big deal, but it keeps me from putting my hand there, and I'm worried a first mate...
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    Greetings from Brazil

    So cool to see a Brazilian version. Hopefully you can convince some more people to get their abandoned Slicks back on the water!