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    Looking for Mast Cap

    Mast cap? There isn't supposed to be a cap, but peek in there with a flashlight and you SHOULD see that there is a urethane barrier about a foot down, below that is styrene foam. It's there to keep your mast from filling up with water when you're knoched down.
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    New Sails Do yourself a favor and at least call Catalina Yachts in Woodland Hills California to get a price for a set of sails. By getting them there you'll be running stock sails, and if it's important to you, you can get the "C" and you're hull number on them as well. By the way, those...
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    Wanted:  14.2 Parts Wanted

    Greetings, I am actively seeking the following Capri 14.2 model 1 parts. SAILS, (Main and Jib) RUDDER, CENTERBOARD Let me know what you may have, your asking price and location. I am in Southern California. Thanks, Eric
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    Kind Sailors

    Offering assistance The only thing better than receiving assistance is providing it. I have saved and been saved, and it is common knowlege that on the water we occasionally rely on each other for safe passage. Offering advice, and or assistance, to a distressed vessel is your duty as a...
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    Additional hardware --what, how and thoughts

    CAUTION! Tiller Tamer I have read multiple postings stating that the Tiller Tamer is especially handy when sailing solo. CAUTION, If sailing singlehanded, falling overboard with the tiller locked will leave you watching your boat sail off unmanned, whereas, had the tiller been free, the...
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    number on sail indicates year of boat?

    sail numbers Factory sail numbers are sequential to manufacturing. The first 14.2 built was issued sail number 1, the second one was issued sail #2, and so forth.
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    1987 Missing Hatch Cover

    hatch cover Yes, there is a "box insert" which was used on the model 2's, although the model 1 and 3 design, with the entire forward hold area accessible is far better. My original model 1 hatch cover was looking pretty tattered. They are made of what appears to be marine grade plywood, with...
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    Capri 14.2 Mod 1 1986 Manual Attached

    14.2 model 1 Thanks for the owners manual !
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    Spun Yarn: Capsizing Edition

    raising the centerboard I completely agree with leaving the centerboard down, and while raising it may yeild a minimal decrease in forward resistance, the act of re-lowering it for the next leg actually negates any decrease in resistance you may have achieved by raising it, as you are in effect...
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    Looking for boat cover

    Boat Canvass If you have one of those mooring covers,(mast-up), as I do, you'll find it to be unsatisfactory with the mast down. The unused holes for the shrouds, mast, and forward stay, plus the snapseam render your boat less than "covered" with regards to keeping out critters and heavy...
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    Wanted: Capri 14 mast

    boat mast I did a search and found a place that sells extruded aluminum mast material by the foot. They stocked the 2 inch eliptical that your looking for. I can't remember the site, but search under "sailboat masts", it'll show up. They were reasonable in price too. You will have to rig...
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    Hull construction and leak

    Finding Slow Leaks An easy way to trace a small leak is to put water inside the boat and search for water seeping out from below. Don't merely fill the boat w/ water, but set the angle of the boat so that the suspected area is lowest, then with a small amount of water placed in that area, go...
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    Tiller Length

    Catalina 13 tillers are Identical to the 14.2 but 3 inches shorter.
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    Centerboard Stops Worn Away. Serious Problem?

    Excellent Material for Custom Boatwork I keep reading stories about guys altering/ repairing boats using such things as steel pipe and wood. I have restored/ owned, and maintained several boats, and the ultimate material to use is Nylon. The stuff is easily tooled, provides superior...