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    This is the only thing full rig sails are good for...

    Well, it's the sail number on my old Laser. And I think the sail I cut up was one of its original sails. Having a skirt from it was more important than hanging on to the whole old sail just for sentimental value...
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    Jr Bay Week 2006, Installment 2

    This was a fun surprise... thanks!
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    This is the only thing full rig sails are good for...

    I'd make all that stuff... in my nonexistant spare time!
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    This is the only thing full rig sails are good for...

    Don't worry, the sail was blown out and ripped. 100% genuine junk until I got ahold of it!
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    This is the only thing full rig sails are good for...

    That's a real sail! It was just so old that it wasn't stiff any longer.
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    Sailing stories or mishaps

    That cleat story reminded me of something my brother did last year. He sails 420, but one evening he & his crew took out a hobie. Being 13 and 15 year old boys, they decided to cleat the sail, and jam the tiller somewhere beneath the trampoline so that the boat would continue straight; so that...
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    This is the only thing full rig sails are good for...

    Just kidding. I just had to show off what I made!
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    How do I tell standard from radial?

    The simplest way to know would be to unroll the sail. If it's a radial, the seams will radiate from the clew, hence the name radial. If it's a full rig, the seams will be basically parallel to the foot.
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    Newbe Question on Radial Sailing

    Our family actually has one of the halyard type radials, and I saw another one (never used but really old) at a regatta this summer. The M rig came before the radial (and long before me, but my dad has the original brochures). It was Laser's first attempt at a smaller sail, but because it didn't...
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    carbon top section

    What I've been wondering is if these top sections are significantly stronger. I've seen 3 or 4 friends break their (aluminum) top sections this year, and I'd hate for that to happen to me! (I tend to be slightly accident prone.) Does anyone know about this mast's breakablilty?
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    Sailing While Pregnant

    I'm still here, even though my mom sailed her laser while I was yet to be born! It was most likely not extremely windy, but when she capsised (not a dry capsize) she righted the boat but then had issues getting her belly back over the gunwale to get back onto the boat!
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    not too early?

    I wanna go! But I already know that the answer from my parents will be "no" 'cause of hypothermia ect... :( Too bad it couldn't be later in the spring.
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    Laser 2 isn't really what he was looking for. He usually races 420s, but just wanted to do somthing different. Sailing it & posting the picture was just for laughs. And I don't think it would be a good idea for us to get any more boats!
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    Sailing and injuries

    Black Eye! Ok, not that exciting, but it sure got me some weird looks around town & at swim team, 'cause I'm not the type of girl you'd expect to get a black eye! (It was from FJs though. Got into a tangle with a 420 with our spinnakers up...) Also, I think I know what Chris123 is talking...
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    Sailing essay

    I like it! I agree with the spelling comment. The boat "heels" not "keels"... But I like how it gives people (nonsailors, I bet) the idea of what sailing's really about. Not the nauseating stereotye of a "sailboat ride!"