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    Is this a problem?

    Plisska, did you end up changing the location of your trailer's bow roller? My Mod 2 has a similar setup and exhibits the same big dent in the hull where it rests on the bow roller, so I'm curious about what results you had in moving it.
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    Couple questions about 1982 Capri Omega

    I think your Capri Omega may be different from the Capri 14.2s on this forum. My Mod 2 Capri has a tabernacle on the cabintop. The mast is secured with a through-bolt that passes through a hole in the mast itself and through slots on both sides of the tabernacle. However... I think it would...
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    Rudder Wing Nut - newbie!

    I have the same issue with the wing nut on my rudder. Any tips on what you did to end up getting it loosened?
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    Tomorrow is the inaugural sail! Nervous!

    These may be TOO obvious, but for your first time out (or any time, really) it's easy to forget some little things that make a big difference. -- Look UP before you step that mast. Look UP again before you get in the vehicle to move the trailer. Running a stepped mast into a tree or, worse, a...
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    Seeking information from those who have them or have used them. To me, the lack of a topping lift is the single thing that makes rigging the Capri more difficult/annoying/frustrating/potentially-bruise-inducing than anything else. A boomkicker seems like a great solution. So I'm wondering...
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    Stern Mast Crutch

    My Capri also came with no aft support for the mast while trailering. I built a serviceable mast crutch out of 2X4 and 1X4 that mounts on the rudder gudgeons. It's a little like a wooden version of the metal crutch posted by jdtaillant. A bungee around the mast and through the drain holes...