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    Dynamic dolly Axles

    Bump it up,
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    Dynamic dolly Axles

    These are still for sale
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    Dynamic dolly Axles

    My email is, send me your contact info please. Thanks
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    Dynamic dolly Axles

    New set of Axles, Dynamic Dolly lists them as Standard wheel shaft assembly for AF1. Dynamic says they fit any of there sling dollies. They are 31.00 each new, i am selling a new set for 30.00 shipped. Have no use for them.
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    Sunfish sail wanted

    Thanks for the help, I will order one.
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    Sunfish sail wanted

    I am looking for a good used sunfish sail, I moved up to a Vanguard 15 and a laser, just need a good used sail to sell my sunfish. Please email me at Thanks
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    Covers and blade bag wanted : Boston

    I have a brand new Colie sail Laser top cover. Never used, It has my name on the back but it is perfect. My email is
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    I have two laser practice sails, I would like to trade one of them for a sunfish sail. It is an older sail in good shape.
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    Vanguard 15 bottom cover

    I have a used Vanguard 15 bottom cover, grey with blue trim in decent shape. No tears and slight wear, its been outside so some fade. I have a Bahia so no use for this cover, I will ship in the continental USA. Sorry this is my first post I just joined looking for some Bahia info and saw some...