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    Nexus ComNav Racing Compass and Spider - $200 OBO NC

    Well, all the kids have moved, and now all the Lasers have as well. I will be back from time to time, but if you have any interest in this compass, please contact me via email listed above if you're in a hurry. The price is the same, and firm. The compass is advertised locally. If I sell it...
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    Top Cover Wanted

    Jack, the email bounced first time. I guess I need to get my ears cleaned (c: .. anyway it's on its way with an expected delivery of 5/1 .. Richard
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    Nexus ComNav Racing Compass and Spider - $200 OBO NC

    Price reduced to $200 plus shipping. Pls contact me via this forum IM or post, or via highrockengineering at gmail dot com.. Richard
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    Top Cover Wanted

    Hi Jack, I'll call later, but the cover is yours. Richard
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    Top Cover Wanted

    I have a Storm cover that is part of my Laser For Sale ad on this forum. I will gladly part with it for $100 plus shipping. It's been in the sun for 5 years, but is still strong and no rips or tears. Send me an IM here if you're interested. If you're local, then it would be much better to...
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    Wanted laser -

    I have two, one a 1981 hull with good legal hardware and legal sail, proper gunnel support trailer ( titled ), cover, and lots of extras. This boat has been stored inside when not sailed, and is very stiff and dry. It has classic rigging. Step is perfect. Orange in hull color. Price is...
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    Wanted Laser Boom in (almost) any condition

    Jack, I replied via email, but I have a boom that might do you well. Drop me an IM here, or at my email.. Richard
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    Nexus ComNav Racing Compass and Spider - $200 OBO NC

    This is an as new Nexus ComNav compass and spider, as shown in the pictures. It's set up for the full running rigging, including improved vang and downhaul. New Price - $200 OBO plus shipping unless you pick up. We are in the Lake Norman area.
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    Wanted - 4.7 Lower & Sail Michigan

    Your email bounced. Typo??
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    Battery Discuss

    Your battery life increases byabout 10%
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    Beer Can in the Mast Step

    My thoughts exactly. And can you imagine how sticky the bottom of the mast is going to be??? Of course, on the other hand, not much really good beer comes in cans....
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    Forever Sailing: A Tribute to my Dad

    Nice read (c: ..
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    WTB: Used Laser

    I have a fair condition late 70' s boat, full rig, all spars etc straight. Trailer with bill of sale only. Im inNorth Carolina if you are interested in it.
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    Lasers - Race vs Recreational?

    I'm also recreational, fwiw. Sample of 3 (c: .. however, I won't 'modify' my boat for any reason unless it's class approved. It kills the $$ value. And I'm cheap. If I can find a group to race with, I will do so next year. At least this is what I always say (c:
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    Lasers - Race vs Recreational?

    Concerning the first question, it would be my opinion that nearly all of the active Lasers are raced. Although there are a fair number of recreational sailors, the vast majority of users are racers. There are also an amazing number of Lasers that sit on club grounds and see neither...