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    GXD downhaul

    thanks for everyones help, new bits are coming in the post, hoping to get them before sailing on sunday :D
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    GXD downhaul

    hi all, its been a long time since ive posted here, although i have read with interest. i've lost the Gxd downhaul, all of it, its gone completely now i cant seem to find anywhere (uk) where i can purcahase the downhaul/cunningham without the outhaul. can anyone tell me what blocks i...
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    Gbr 182618

    Laser 182618 XD New march 2005 great condition Race red hull padded toe strap Carbon tiller and extension Full XD kit Trolly + Laser over cover (also heavy duty over cover) Padded foil bag Lazy bone spar carriers 1 race sail 2 spare sails £3150.00 GBP ono Call 07903174311 West...
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    Advice from Experienced sailors

    hiya a great sailing forum is yachts and yachting is a sailing magazine over here in europe (well uk mainly), there homepage is look out for me on the forum, (Sailor.jon)
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    Carbon Fiber Hull

    well the cleats are entirly optional theres nothing stopping you taking them off, i don't have anyon my laser as i feel they get in the way and are redundent when racing, a Carbon lasr would be a good idea as a one off but(though it would never happen) i wouldn't want the class to move towards a...
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    Boat Names

    my lasers called " Bouy Racer"
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    Laser Mainsheet

    always been told 12mts was the magic number
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    noob help , laser 2 fun conversion

    hi there, theres a website called laser 2 land (its uk based) the web addy is : and there is a disscussion forum on there as well, ive only sailed the laser >> not the fun, so i don't know about comparissons bbut from that ive heard you should have a nice...
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    Drain Plug Question

    not if your boat has a breather hole under the toe strap. i don't think older boats have them
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    2 Best Tips to sail fast

    1) when its windy and your struggling to keep it flat. play the sheet to keep the boat flat as appose to killing yourself hiking 150% 2)on flat water use allot of downhaul (Ben Ainslies sydney olympic coach told me this)
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    learning on a race rigged boat

    of course you can learn in a race rigged laser, all the fancy race stuff makes the boat more controlable
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    Towing Weights

    Hi all, how much would you say roughtly the laser hull, trolly, trailer and spars weigh combined. i'm curious as i have a small car and would like to know how much weight its pulling. Cheers
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    Towing a Laser

    teh problem with having the sail rolled around the mast is that you won't be able to have the battons in.
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    Towing a Laser

    to be honest you'd be better off sailing it to the race location, less stree on the boat and they aint easy to rig on the water
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    San Francisco roll - what is that?

    yeah thats right, its been a while since i did it, where i mainly sail its on;y around 4ft deep