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    Capri 14.4 parts

    mast yes the mast and spreaders are still available.
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    Capri 14.4 parts

    Sails I do have the sails and centerboard 200.00 for the sails no tears no repairs i just replaced the old ones as i race the boat. 200.00 for the centerboard
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    Capri 14.4 parts

    latches I have the door it only has i latch on the top and the door is fiberglass.
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    Parts! I'm going to need parts!

    parts I have a centerboard for 200.00 Main great shape no tears 200.00 Jib like new 75.00 864-940-9511
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    14.2 Parts

    Jib, boom, Main, centerboard, tiller, hatch cover,mast, parts 4 sale email me at
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    Capri 14.4 parts

    I have bought a parts boat because i needed the trailer it was on so i have alot of parts for sale: Mast.....125.00 Boom....75.00 Center board....100.00 Used main good shape 100.00 Used jib....non furler 50.00 misc. hardware tell me what you need 864-940-9511