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    Used Laser Parts

    I'm interested in the 2 sails. Please email me at Any chance you could give me an idea of the quality or repairs that might need to be done to them? Jason
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    Why are Laser's holding value so much these days?

    The reason I ask is that I was looking through the for sale ads and hoping to find a good used boat. Everything seems so expensive.... I've seen 1978 boats for sale for $2k, or a 1992 boat with a trailer for $2500. These values seem extortionate. Here's why I ask... I bought my first...
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    Looking for an owner in Panama City

    Hey all! I have just moved to Panama City and I am currently staying in a temporary condo at the moment. On the edge of the condo property is a small city easement that several boat owners are using as storage. One of these is a newer laser on a Seitech dolly. The dolly and boat are in...
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    Wanted - Used radial sail

    Hey all, I'm looking for a used radial sail with some life left in it for some local races. Let me know if anyone has anything! Jason
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    Old school rigging - line lengths

    Hey all! What line lengths do you use for the old school way of rigging? I remember the following: sheet - 46' cunningham - 14' vang - 14' outhaul - 22' Does this sound about right? Thanks J
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    Bruce Cup Rebirth

    Good morning all, I am trying to do a quick poll in seeing who might be interested in attending another Bruce Cup. The Bruce Cup was a fantastic Laser regatta held at Ruch Creek YC in Dallas, TX. The regatta was held over Thanksgiving weekend with a great T-giving dinner on thursday...
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    Laser full rig mast, boom & sail - Texas

    Not a problem. I will talk to you then. If I don't answer, just leave a voicemail with your contact number and I will call back as soon as I get a chance. Jason
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    Laser full rig mast, boom & sail - Texas

    Ya! Still got a lower and boom. Let me know if you are interested.
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    Laser full rig mast, boom & sail - Texas

    Well... I can't speak Spanish...not even Mexico Spanish... which would be helpful around here... Anyway, I spoke with Miguel and all is set. Will see him tonight to deal with the sail. Hope all works out.
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    Laser full rig mast, boom & sail - Texas

    Sounds good to me. Have her call me at 8326283938 I will be around this week. Thanks Jason
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    Laser full rig mast, boom & sail - Texas

    For sale in the Galveston Bay area, with possible delivery up to northern Texas. Full rig mast Boom Sail with 134054 as number. The sail is 10 years old but was truly only used a few time - 5 max as it was a very shallow cut and I am a big boy. I bought another sail to use instead...