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    Wanted: Wanted older C 14.2

    How about 1993 west of Phiadelphia?? UPSITED, I am thinking abut putting up for sale mu 1993 Capri 14.2, Is west side of Philadelphia close enough for you???
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    User's manual for the Capri

    Here is the link: Use "Search" for anything that might interest you, there is a lot of useful information on this forum, posted by our wonderful sailors. Good luck to you
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    Aging our Capri

    Here is what you need, Good luck
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    Need Help with Rigging

    Thank you guys for your help. I am off today, so as son as rain stops I will start with setting up the mast, cleaning, polishing and continue with further evaluation. I will keep you posted, I am sure there will be some questions.
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    Need Help with Rigging

    Ropes and cords A week ago I got 93 C14.2. This is my first boat. I am going over the boat and trailer with the fine tooth comb. everything looks good but I still need a few things to address before we hit the water. I found answers on many of my questions right here on the forum, thank you...
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    Gelcoat Color

    I am interested to find out too. Is there any difference based in the model and year of production? Mine is 91. What is a good place to get product of that nature. This is a great forum wit a lot of great information,but I just got the boat, so all this is new to me, I am afraid it is going...