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Sunfish Sailboat SOLD to a a mom wanting a sailboat for her 2 young boys
phototerp wrote on Boat Bubba 69's profile.
I saw you were trying to sell a boat in Texas. Did you ever sell it? I couldn't find your listing.

I may be in the market and I'm in Dallas. I would like information if you haven't sold it. Most of the boats I've looked at are on the east or west coast.
Hi I'm looking to buy a Kolibri 12 but need a mast. I'm in Saskatchewan
bmt1h wrote on Per Nordstrom's profile.
Could you please send pictures of your trailer (Overall, wheels, springs, lights etc)? Many thanks
Int. Sailing Academy wrote on T-Bob's profile.
Hi Bob-Saw your post about getting into Lasers. Check out our online course There are some free preview lessons there. Guys new to Laser found it to help jump the learning curve. 30 day guarantee. It also comes with access to our online coaching support platform where there is a lot of discussion, video analysis etc. on Laser sailing every day and answers from top coaches.

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