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Marcel James wrote on Dckrawczyk's profile.
Hey, I sail on Lake Wallenpaupack. I see your close by and was wondering if you knew of any local sunfishes for sale.
jacko13 wrote on Bfbecker's profile.
Is the Scorpion really a clone of the SF? I have just purchased a Scorpion and have started the task of refurbishment. It would seem most parts interchangeable with Sunfish but are the dimensions the same? If there are major differences, what are they? A novice in need of help.
Tom Kane wrote on jhogie31's profile.
You know you really have to give a bit more info!
mccloughan3411 wrote on racerbob's profile.
Hello - I am interested in the sunfish only - don't need trailer. Are you willing to sell boat separately?
Thank you. Roger McCloughan
BillG wrote on Martin95's profile.
Are these boats still for sale? I am interested.
Please call.
Bill Gass
765 491 0305

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