WTT 03 yamaha gp1300r in exchange for Full Laser

Discussion in 'Laser Wanted Ads' started by Wingtip, Nov 28, 2008.

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    Looking to pick up a competitive full Laser. Not too picky about what it has, except it needs to have a trailer and be pro-rigged.

    I would like to trade my 03 gp1300r yamaha 2-seater jet ski for a laser + cash.

    If interested, please do some research on the ski (youtube has a few videos) and contact me with what you have!

    Its in great condition, runs perfectly, has a great trailer, below 50hrs and runs at about 72mph. NADA value is about 5300-5900 but currently selling for 5000... so that should ive you an idea of what im looking to trade it for.

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