WTB Sunfish - NE/IA/MO, etc.

Discussion in 'Sunfish Wanted Ads' started by emilikins, Aug 29, 2012.

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    Hello! We are scouting for a Sunfish in Nebraska and surrounding states (drivable distances), in sailing condition with all the parts needed (not a project boat), and a trailer would be preferred (we don't have one). I'd like to avoid the Pearson years, as I've read they are dodgy.

    As much as we'd love a newer one, I don't think those 4-digit boats are in our price range. It does not need to be racing fit, as we are just learning and our sail club doesn't race Sunfish (just uses them for lessons).

    If there is a part that needs replacing now or soon, that's okay, let me know what it is and we'll factor that in. :) PM me.
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