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Discussion in 'Sunfish Talk' started by altair, Jul 23, 2013.

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    I still race with a 10 yr old wooden rudder because I am to cheap to buy one of the new fiberglass blades. I do OK in regattas and the blade is in decent shape. Is there a type of paint or graphite I can put on the blade to give it a good hard slick surface and still be class legal?
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    Here are the class rules on rudders:

    3.3 Rudder.
    The rudder and rudder head shall only be supplied by the Builder.
    Subject to Rule 3.3, nothing herein shall preclude minor adjustments to the rudder by way of
    sharpening the trailing edge, rounding the leading edge, refinishing or repairing damage
    provided that the rudder has dimensions in accordance with the measurement diagram in
    Rule 5 Figures 2 & 5. Refinishing may include covering the rudder with fiberglass and/or resin.
    The rudder may be reinforced with metal rods, screws or bolts to prevent splitting. Holes in
    the rudder and the rudder head may be strengthened with bushings. Bolts and nuts may be
    changed. Washers may be added. Plastic pads may be added to the rudder head to reduce play.

    Perhaps a graphite finish would be considered part of refinishing.
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    I don't think you are at a disadvantage with a wooden rudder blade, as long as it is smooth and straight.
    There are more important issues to consider for optimum racing results...

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