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Discussion in 'Sunfish Talk' started by Justincann, Jul 5, 2016.

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    A while back I was browsing forums looking into restoring my sunfish. I came across this wonderful image that had about 4 pictures of sunfish's with in various conditions. Accompanied by each boat were images of the sandpaper and polish compound that should be used to restore it.

    Is anyone familiar with this image? can anyone tell me where to find it!

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    If you're trying to match your boat up to the pics to determine what you need to do...I'd just jump in and go from least aggressive to most aggressive. Compounding typically is not all that aggressive, but there are mild compounds or compounds for heavily oxidized gelcoat. Sanding is the most aggressive obviously and you need to start being pretty careful with any grit courser than #600, especially if you're using a power sander.
    So... start with some compound...if that doesn't work..maybe HAND sand a spot with #1200...then compound again...then wax. If you need to go courser with sandpaper..proceed cautiously knowing that the gelcoat is probably half the thickness of a credit card.... so you CAN go thru with sanding. Take it slow, etc... and figure out what you need to do. If you've got 40 yr old gelcoat... realize the color you have, is probably what you're going to end up with...just more shine. 15 yr old gelcoat can clean up nicely in many cases. My '69 fish shines bright...but the gelcoat has changed colors over the years, for sure. But it looks great.

    Kinda the same with cleaning a spot in your carpet... You don't bring in the heavy guns right off the bat, unless you're getting out axle grease!!

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