Winter project - Laser #2646 needs restoring

Discussion in 'Laser For Sale Ads' started by sail2relax1, Oct 25, 2016.

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    Yes thats correct laser #2646 is For Sale. Has been in the family since new. Was bought and always sailed on the finger lakes in upstate NY. Unfortunately, the hull was damaged by an ice flow and years of being in the weather 24x7x365 have left the hull in very rough shape. Has a large crack through the hull on one side and the hull pushed in around forward part of the centerboard trunk. Lots of spider cracking and one spot the gelcoat was ground off to start a repair. The deck is not a lot better with both of the cleats ripped off and many significant dings dents etc around the gunnels. You need to LOVE early lasers to take it on but I know some of you have the skills to do it. I will post some pics soon. Will come with 2 Numbered sails ( original evelstrom [w/ several repairs]and a Laser replacement in original sail bags), Original Mast with a few dents near the head( been there for 30 years no issue), and Original boom. No rudder or daggerboard ( stolen). No trailer. Will need to pick up in Orange County NY. Want to see it go to someone who wishes to restore it. Offers please on the entire package. I will not be parting it out until opportunities to sell entire package exhausted.

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