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Discussion in 'Laser Class Politics' started by Deimos, Jan 2, 2007.

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    Neither the existence nor the size of the reserve bothers me.

    I would like to know how the reserve is being invested. My belief is we are well on our way to being able to send our Laser Class to an unprecedented next level. That next level would be "Operating the entire International Laser Class off of the revenues generated other than by membership fees."

    The class is a tool. It is a tool for the organization of the game. It is a tool which can be used for the disssemination of information about the game. It is tool which can be used to promote the game.

    We as Laser sailors would like to invite 100% of the world's population to come out and sail

    Keeping track of who is an who is not a paid member of the ILCA is only necessary because those who "do not pay their fair share" must have an incentive to do so.

    If the ILCA had sufficient sources of revenue, it would no longer need to consume resources keeping track of who was and was not paying membership fees.

    For many, that would make our invitation to "everybody" a bit more obviously sincere.

    Please do not confuse this comment with local membership. I would love to find a way to end the necessity for paid local membership as well but on the local and regional level membership is necessary for entirely different reasons.

    Currently, the NA Class Association consumes at least 50% of its available resources managing and paying fees related to what we call membership. Membership provides only about 60% of the revenues. This does not mean a 10% shift in funding would end the need for membership. Locally, we use membership as a tool for entirely different reasons. We use membership in NA and in more local juristictions to force management of the "people who are available to play" database.
    You do not renew your membership to "prove you paid your dues." You renew your membership to give those who want to find a Laser sailors your address, phone number, age, sex, boat sailed, and (since I started keeping track in 1999) your email address.

    If the ILCA were to quit keeping track of membership and collecting international fees, the nA Association would only save 4.5 pounds sterling per member.

    On the other hand, we could hire someone to spend 4.5 pounds collected from each of our 2500 members on the task of rable rousing and getting [people out to play with us.

    So..I say make the ILCA fund big enoiugh to support the class. Solicit donations! make the laser Clas endowment into many millions and use the generated revenue to grow the game of lasering.

    Of course...I was told I didn't know a damn thing about funding and finances and thrown out of management a few years back...so what do I know. Do not pay atention to anything I suggest!!!
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    Hi "dyzzypyxxy" and "gouvernail",
    being one of many thousands Laserites out there, that never have been in "that sort of league" you "gray-backs" already have quit, it is interesting to read your replies in this thread. I hope, there is an independent cash-audit every year. Is this the case?
    Remembering Shevy's words of 2004 and looking over the years since then to the behavior of several ILCA-functionaries (that still are active somewhere at the WC and "are in the same boat like the builders" I say), related to create a "better" class-rule-book or related to the rumors how the Radial has become an Olympic discipline, I see in your words, there is a need to pay more attention, how this money, you are talking about, is used.
    To one side, a strong head of the class ("ILCA's heavy hands") is a need to demonstrate to the ISAF, the Laserclass stays "at the good side of the Force" (to say it like it is done at the Star Wars movies). To the other side, this only makes sense, if f.e. the ISAF / the IOC is at the good side of the Force also, are they? Well, I can't prove this, my orbit is to low, but I am sure, at my low orbit where I live: In future calm I can sail my little toy and have a lot of fun with her on the water more or less like I did it at the past (depends to the cases, if my Laser "Manatee" sails me or more to the opposite... :eek:) ).

    I had to join the class here at my orbit, to get the papers (called: "international card for pleasure craft") for my Laser(s) for crossing the European borders here without any problems by the duty-authorities.
    For paying my fee to the class I get support if needed and some brochures (related to sailing the Laser) during the year and in my opinion, I do some donation (with paying this fee) to the work of the class to grow up and educate very talented young sailors at that sailing class I do sail for that his youngsters not become computer-junkies but get fresh air.

    Looser Lu
    being with "the Bears" tonight (Superbowl-Sunday) ;)
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    Good question. In the accounts I have already referenced twice...

    Accumulated funds - 628,523
    Interest receivable - 17,838

    Accumulated funds - 650,489
    Interest receivable - 22,009

    About 3% return?? OK, maybe that's not fair. Maybe a lot of those funds have to be taken out of the bank to pay for all the things that gouvernail told us about it so are not earning any return for much of the year. I dunno.
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    Actually, I think the funds should be invested carefully in something like the folowing.
    1/3 in interest bearing easily accessed for liquidity cash accounts
    1/3 in very conservative mutual funds and stocks
    1/3 in agressively managed but still somewhat conservative growth directed mutual funds

    I would certainly step aside from being involved in the absolute decision making processes with respect to those investments.

    Meanwhile, the ILCA should actively solicit donations to the fund. It should publically promote its long range plan to develop and maintain a virtually indestructible financial standing. It should also make clear that its goal is to solidify the position of the Laser as the single and only sailing craft used for singlehanded sailing competition and then to promote and grow that game.

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