Which Harken Vang?

Discussion in 'Laser Talk' started by Hoopertr0n, Aug 21, 2017.

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    Can anyone explain the difference between this:

    Laser Harken Race Vang

    ...and this:

    Laser XD Vang Harken

    ?? I have just bought an old boat with a sh*tty kicker and need to upgrade! Do both have a high ratio (like 15:1)?
  2. Lasersailor166131

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    They both are the same except for the block that fits into the vang key and the double block that comes with it. The more expensive one comes with a slightly better quality line as well. I have the less expensive one and I find that it works fine. I wouldn't pay a extra 70+ dollars for the slight difference.
  3. LaLi

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    The more expensive kit has more expensive blocks, lines and cleat. I wouldn't expect it to work measurably better.

    The "new" cleating fittings were designed to be rigged as 15:1 (3 x 5). If you want some other ratio (12:1 is gaining some popularity), you want to get blocks and line lengths that are slightly different from those in the kits.

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