When to install an inspection port?

Discussion in 'Sunfish Talk' started by Esteroali, Mar 26, 2005.

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    I have 2000 hull. When I first got the boat I drained about a cup of water from the hull. It had been stored outside with no drain installed in the cockpit. Since I have been sailing it(with drain installed), I get a maybe teaspoon out after each sail. Is this enough to warrrent an inspection port or should I wait?
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    JMHO, but an inspection port should be a standard on the fish.
    Over the years with many boats we've found that if you get anything out the deck edge drain plug there's still more in the hull. A 6" port mounted in front of the daggerboat hole, behind the splash rail, on the boat's centerline allows you do really sponge out any water in the hull.
    You have to remember that the foam blocks in the hull will sooner or later soak up water left in the hull, so keeping it dry inside is really important.
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    I would wait with the inspection port until you have identified where the water is coming from. For instance, if the problem is with the masttube, you would have a strong incentive to install a nearby inspection port so that you could do the repairs. But there could be other scenarios.

    Leak testing is described under the FAQs, I believe.

    Good luck!

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