What is a good camera for Sunfish/water filming?

Discussion in 'Sunfish Talk' started by mixmkr, Aug 26, 2016.

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    This one is new to me. Video review says colors are dull; however, all the examples are taken under heavy clouds (in Germany).

    You just wrap your hand around it, and it's "on". It's waterproof, takes great "selfies", but won't take "macro" pictures. Lens is a 35mm-camera-equivalent of 17mm wide-angle lens. Can be adjusted using a Smartphone.

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    Fullscreen capture 1142016 55211 AM.bmp.jpg
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    Revisiting this thread, the camera I got mentioned above has been working great, floats in its' own case, and no objections at this point. Only disadvantage is not enough frames per sec, to get really good...really, really slo motion.
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    Spend the extra money for a GoPro because the video quality is amazing.
    Here is a video using the GoPro hero 4 silver on a sunfish

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