US SAILING One-Design Awards

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    US SAILING One-Design Awards
    Nomination Deadline is December 1

    Here is your chance to recognize excellent service to our sport! Nominate your favorite club, fleet, regatta or one-design spark plug for a US SAILING One-Design Award. Did your club run an outstanding multi-class regatta this year? Is there an exceptional person at your club who was responsible for making your fleet grow? US SAILING wants to hear about it. One superbly written nomination per nominee is all that is needed.

    At the Spring US SAILING meeting every year, up to five awards are presented to recognize outstanding individuals and organizations in one-design sailing. The categories are: Service, Leadership, Club, Regatta, and Creativity. These awards highlight role models of creative leadership in one-design sailing. Check out the past winners:

    Service (for the John F. Gardiner Jr. Trophy) To recognize distinguished service and leadership in the promotion of one-design sailing and class organization.
    Make a Nomination: On-Line

    Leadership In recognition of individual initiative, enthusiasm, organizing ability and leadership in creating the outstanding fleet building program.
    Make a Nomination: On-Line

    Club To recognize administrative excellence, fleet growth, creative programming, regatta support, member contribution -- at regional, national and international levels -- of the one-design yacht club of the year.
    Make a Nomination: On-Line

    Regatta To recognize excellence in development, promotion, and management by organizers and sponsors of the year's outstanding multi-class regional regatta.
    Make a Nomination: On-Line

    Creativity To recognize outstanding individual creativity and contribution to the year's most innovative one design event of national or international significance.
    Make a Nomination: On-Line

    Nominations are due by the December 1. For additional information contact Lee Parks at the US SAILING office.

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