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Discussion in 'Capri/Catalina 14 Talk' started by Phantom Driver, May 25, 2017.

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    I purchased my Capri Mod 2 back in February and have sailed on 2 times since then. In both trips, I have managed to capsize and in both cases managed to lose 2 very expensive batteries. The first time, the battery was just sitting on the bench because there was no wind whatsoever- until a huge gust hit me just about 30 yards from the dock. I turtled in 62 degree water and was blessed by 3 people in a Bass boat. My Baby bob came in the mail the next day.
    The second trip, I had purchased a cheap battery box and screwed it to the transom using 2 of the motor mount existing screws. When I capsized, the box came lose and away went the battery. But the Baby Bob worked excellently and I was upright in less than a minute.
    So now I'm thinking of putting a tote in the cuddy (to hold the battery, anchor and other stuff) and running jumper cables back to the Minn Kota when I need power. But I wonder, what do you guys that have them do with yours?
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    Hi I mounted a deep cycle small sealed wheel chair battery in a box inside the cuddly cabin it is strapped and I used 5200 sealant / adhesive. I also ran tined heavy gauge wires to the transom with water proof plugs .
    Works great it hasn't fallen out and i still haven't ran out of power .
    Just my thoughts .
    Great sailing thanks Greg
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