TRADE: My sunfish rudder VGC for your Phantom rudder!

Discussion in 'Sunfish Wanted Ads' started by Tigerphantom, Apr 19, 2013.

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    I just purchased a phantom sailboat with only the hull. I am doing a lot of restorative work. Live in Duluth, GA. Hull cost me $50

    I found a Sunfish rudder, sail like new, mast, boom and daggerboard most like new and need very little work. All found for $200, the guys sunfish was taken by a tornado and the pieces were in the basement thats how they were saved

    Everything fits except the rudder.

    The phantom Gudgeon bracket is not tall enough to fit the sunfish rudder

    The phantom gudgeon bracket is approx .5 inch shorter than the sunfish.

    I was going to install access ports and install the sunfish gudgeon bracket to my phantom Which I will take pics and do with great detail if no one wants to trade. either way I think the sunfish rudder is superior because the springs to hold down the rudder but Will someone trade me rudder for rudder I would like to trade

    If there is someone with the phantom parts in good condition wanting original amazing condition just reply.
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