TLF Friendly to Women?

Discussion in 'Laser Class Politics' started by Merrily, Sep 25, 2007.

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    Deleting the link is certainly appropriate.

    My point is, the obscene, disgusting comments made for all to see.
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    Why don't you complain at SA, then? I don't read SA because of the sort of "bombs" there. I spare myself. Maybe you should, too! :) Maybe you did complain there. I wouldn't know because I only skimmed the post that you pointed out. I did not read the entire contents and can't even tell you what the topic is. I'm not going to police every member here for what they post on the internet.

    I also think that if someone's behavior disturbs you, it would be far more productive to use the private e-mail feature to that person and to the administrator's here, rather than starting out with a public discussion.

    Write to Fred (Gouvernail). You will find that he's a responsive and responsible guy. Yeah, he writes crap at SA, but that is tolerated there and one expects to see it. Now if you are offended by what he writes at TLF, that is a different story. Please PM me or Bradley if that is the case.
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    A guy basically accused me of being a druggie and I droped a few F bombs on him.

    If he had been in front of me when he said it I would have said all the same things I wrote...OK I may have shouted... and probably, as in person I would not have had a chance to carefully consider and edit the tirade, I would have stated my case with more obscenity and less cleverness.

    30 years ago, in person, his accusation and disrespectful delivery might have earned him a punch in the mouth.

    I have mellowed but I have not completely grown up.

    I'm sorry if the real me fails the occasional role model test.

    end thread hijack.
  4. Ross B

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    we can't be perfect Gov

    But I forgive you, because we all need to be able to forgive people

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