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Discussion in 'The Dockhouse' started by CarlSanders, Jan 29, 2018.

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    Hey, fellas! I've just created this thread for us to talk about the little wonders in our lives. I have a sailing companion, a Pomeranian named Richie. He's a very playful fella, loves to chill out on our living room couch, bite on his dog bone, and play catch with the kids during weekends. He's a good critter, overall. He loves to cuddle before bedtime and before we leave for work. What are your pets, guys?

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    4245DEEB-0BDB-4214-8DCA-51BDF45F9F91.jpeg 8F1DFD6E-DA80-42D3-A870-BAF213CDF923.jpeg 2759C5BE-2DF3-43F4-A84A-931DE1348AE4.jpeg

    Neither are “swimmers”, the fluffy one sinks like a rock :confused:.

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