The best way to single hand a Laser Bahia?

Discussion in 'Sailing Talk' started by Delta Sailor, Aug 1, 2017.


Is it possible to do?

  1. Drop jib and reef

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  2. Drop Jib

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  3. Your Crazy, forget it

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    So I am a big fan of Dinghys such as the Laser Bahia, Sport 14 and Wayferer (and on occasion Redwings). I love the feel of racing through the waves in Boats bigger than Fevas and Topaz. We have a decent number of sailors in the Handicap. However occasionally I don't have a crew when I am supposed to go out. So my question is: Can you sail it well by yourself? (eg would furling the jib and maybe reefing work). (I do have a plan to singlehand one in a few days in 20knot winds, call me crazy but any useful suggestions would be appreciated)

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