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Discussion in 'Sunfish Talk' started by squash, Sep 12, 2010.

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    I am rigging up a new sail, and I want to place the telltales correctly.

    A very good sailor at a large regatta told me that the only place that matters on a Sunfish is near the top of the sail right above the fish, but I see people with them all over the place.

    The winner of the regatta, a Worlds qualifier, used no wind indicators at all (boat, sail, or spars).

    What to do?

    Thanks in advance.
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    As you've observed, much depends on your understanding of airflow over the sail and the visual feedback you consider useful. Here are a couple of past discussions on the topic...

  3. Light and Variable Winds

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    The green line is where the previous owner placed two tell-tales on my racing sail.

    The lower tell-tale is just above eye level—only useful on starboard tack—where it "suggests" that I have the sail set correctly. (Confirmed by the upper tell-tale.)

    In use, the upper tell-tale appears to be a worm that "the Sunfish" is chasing! :p

    The upper tell-tale always seems to be right on target.

    As a strictly recreational sailor, I found that once the sail is set correctly, an interesting thing happens: Even when having one's eyes closed for a minute, the Sunfish wants to track on-course correctly! :cool:
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    I set up a new sail this spring. I noted the telltale placement on all the local racing sails (see diagram)--pretty interesting to see the similarities and differences. I went with the locations shown by the blue squares. The lower one is right at eye level, but has a lot of mast interference, so is not that useful. I mounted a wind indicator on my upper boom right at eye level and it works pretty well. My upper telltale is a little better, but still has mast interference.

    If I ever get another new sail I will probably try the set up similar to what "Light and Variable Winds" has.

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