Sunfish Old-Style Rudder Head For Sale

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    $125 + shipping
    Sunfish Mahogany Old Style (Pre-1972) Rudder head for sale.

    Original Sunfish mahogany old style rudder head with hardware salvaged off a 1970 damaged-beyond-repair hull and completely reconditioned. Wood sanded down to near bare wood and revarnished with 3 coats of Interlux premium varnish. No dings, cracks or splits - ready to sail. Bronze and brass hardware cleaned and burnished to better than original condition. This is the classic old style design and a perfect addition to a period correct Sunfish restoration project or a great man- or she-bear cave wall hanger or club trophy base. $125 + shipping.

    Refinished (not Class legal) tiller also available for $15 more + shipping or unfinished tiller for free if you buy the rudder head. Photos on request.

    Interested? Questions? E-mail me at:

    Alan Glos
    Cazenovia, NY

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