Sunfish and Sunfish Clone Spars

Discussion in 'Sunfish For Sale' started by Alan S. Glos, Dec 4, 2016.

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    I have a good supply of Sunfish aluminum spars (masts, booms) and even some Sunfish clone spars (Super Porpoise, Snark, Mayflower etc.) for sale. The Sunfish masts are mostly the modern type with the mast head built-in halyard fairlead, but I have a few with the brass block at the mast head. All have end caps, and the booms have blocks, goosenecks and connecting eye-bolts.

    Masts: $55 each
    Upper booms (gaffs): $35 each
    Lower booms with blocks and goosenecks: $50 ($40 without the gooseneck)
    (Ask for a discount quote for multiple purchases, more than 3 items)

    Note that due to prohibitive shipping cost, these spars are pick-up only in Cazenovia, NY, near Syracuse, NY.

    Interested? Drop me a note at:

    Alan Glos
    Cazenovia, NY

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