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    is in the mail and winging it's way towards you... but only IF you are a current member of ILCA-NA! If you are not currently a member of ILCA-NA then you can join by simply going to and signing up online.

    This issue is loaded with great stuff including:

    1) A great Q&A with Ned Jones from Vanguard on the "Carbon spars" for the Radial, including some background, current status and plans for introduction,

    2) A fairly comprehensive review of hiking pants by Mark Kastel,

    3) An article on coaching from Tommy Wharton, the Canadian National Team Coach,

    4) the extended Summer edition of LaserWorld, the ILCA quarterly publication,

    5) The Summer 2005 ILCA-NA Master's Report from John Dawson-Edwards,

    6) (of course!) Meka Taulbee's regular column on "Sailing Fit"

    7) Regatta Reports from
    1) The Laser/Radial North Americans,
    2) The Laser/Radial US Nationals,
    3) The Canadian Master's

    8) Lot's of reports from all the great ILCA-NA District Secretaries on all the events going on in our region,

    9) Meeting minutes from the ILCA-NA AGM held at the Laser/Radial NA's,

    10) The office report from Sherri and Jerelyn,

    10) And... the best part... all those great ads which make your mouth water at all the cool gear you can buy for you and your boat!

    All this plus more!

    Don't miss this issue, join/renew your membership today at !!!

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    Great news. I am eagerly awaiting its arrival.

    Can we please get back on track for the Fall issue? This will take some effort from many of us and lots of focused and dedicated work from our professional full time staff.
    1. Can we please have a newsletter in our hands for the family gathering season beginning at Thanksgiving. We need to drop those Christmas present hints and the ads are so very helpful. Mark from Small Craft Advisories went ballistic all over the web when Fred and Eric failed to get his ad to people before Thanksgiving in 1999 and he was right!!
    2. Can we have the entire 2006 Grand prix Schedule filled in so that we can use the winter holiday gatherings to plan our sailing season.
    3. Can we have the rules for the 2006 Grand Prix in the fall issue so we can know the rules before the game starts?
    4. Can we have the rules for qualification to the 2006 and 2007 worlds?
    5. Can we have the rules for qualification for the 2006 and 2007 US and Canadian sailing teams?
    6. Can we have each District Ssecretary publish the local schedule for 2006. If they don't volunteer the information can we insist that the paid staff call each District Secretary and interview them with the following minimum results? Get email and phone numbers for the most likely hosts and likely locations for regattas in 2006?
    7. Can we have an invitation and description of how to get involved with the Forum and the Laser listserve?
    8. Can we have a well publicized effort to provide packages at our cost of at least a dozen newsletters for anyone who would like to distribute those magazines? ( To yacht clubs, marinas, boat dealerships, boat shows, gyms, anywhere with a waiting room, break rooms at work or wherever anyone thinks sailors can be recruited.
    9. Can we have enough face photos of people from all over the region so that anybody who has sailed a couple regattas will recognize someone?
    10. Can we have enough face photos and descriptions of the hot shots so we can root for or even against them?

    MOST IMPORTANT!!! Can we have in that ON TIME Fall newsletter a published list of deadlines and publication dates so that there can be no more Summer issues arriving after Summer is over?

    To the local volunteers:

    There is a deadline for you and it is today or very soon. You need to get the local fleet guys together and decide what you are hosting in 2006. You need to get your District secretary to give you a selection list of available dates. You need to go to your local club board and secure a date on the local schedule. You need to tell your district secretary. Your district secretary has to send that information to the paid professional staff.

    All that has to happen by September 30 because..

    first week October...assemble info
    2nd week...lay it out as newsletter
    3rd week...publish it ( I certainly hope time was already reserved by our professionals who understand the need for reservations)
    4th week..mail it
    November...three weeks for mailman
    Thanksgiving we have newsletters in hand

    Leading by example: For the regatta my fleet will host>>>I will have the information in my District secretary's hands by Sunday night.
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    The Laser Forum is operated privately by Bradley Green. You can send a private message to "Bradley."

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    Hi Fred!
    Its great to see you starting to make regular posts in The Laser Forum as I've often seen posts here and thought you would be the perfect person to answer...
    As usual, your note contains many good points and we have already started attacking a number of them. For example, you can watch the 2006 major event schedule take shape by clicking on the "Future Regattas" link off the Laser Class "Racing" web page (at Note two big events in District 15 next year: the US Nationals and the GCC's (and wouldn't it be great to see those back to back to really make for a great turnout?). And 2007 planning won't be far behind that... the 2007 link shows the targetted regions for the majors. If you know of a good venue in those regions that wants to host, let the class office know now!
    One thing about pictures, if you want to see YOUR picture in The Laser Sailor then you need to help by sending pictures to the class office. Sherri attends lots of events but can't be at every one. So, if you have some cool pictures that you want to see published, send them to the class office!
    One small correction... the deadline for submitting material for the Fall issue is September 15, not the end of September. As Fred suggested, lead times are long so we need that material early!
    My District's GP dates for next year are already at the class office. Are yours?


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