small sailboat rental in the Jamaica or other

Discussion in 'The Dockhouse' started by lazypine, Feb 13, 2009.

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    Hi, Does anyone know of any or recommend any small sailboat rental places in Jamaica or other islands down that direction? I'm planning a week long vacation and havent nailed down a spot yet. Was hoping to find a place that I could rent a laser or sunfish for a little fun while I'm there. Thanks Neal
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    Not at Jamaica, but not so far away from it around:
    At Cabarete/Dominican Rep.:

    At northern tip of Antigua in Hodges Bay: Club Colonna (Somwhere at TLF is a recommend about it, can't findit now, sorry )

    Also, I remember from former TLF Threads: Britisch Virgin Islands has some nice active Laser fleets perhaps to ask for a Laser.


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