Proposed Class Rule Changes - voting now open!!

Discussion in 'Laser Class Politics' started by SFBayLaser, Feb 3, 2006.

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    I'm a Laser purist, I guess, who really believes very strongly that the Fundamental Rule is what sets the Laser Class apart from other one design classes.

    Yes, we are beholden to the builders. But look at what we get for that: a boat that is virtually the same (with only minor building tolerance type differences) throughout the entire world. So, I can get on an airplane and fly to anywhere in the world (and they sail Lasers on at least 6 of the 7 continents), get in a Laser and it will behave exactly like my boat at home (and I'll finish in exactly the same place no doubt!).

    In addition, we get a boat where we have virtually no measurement process at any of our major regattas. "Measurement" in the Laser Class, at the most stringent level (the world championships) consists of "inspection" where the measurer looks to make sure you have builder supplied parts and that you haven't come up with some crazy new rigging system (which, in the end, is really not going to make you faster - except maybe carbon tillers since they don't flex). In North America, at most events we "measure" sails which really means checking the sail button to make sure it is "legal" (i.e. a Laser sail) and then checking that the correct numbers are on it (and, believe it or not, the sail number checking is for the competitor... if the race committee can't figure out your sail numbers when you cross the line then there is a good chance you are not going to get your correct finish position - I've been on enough finish lines to see this in action!).

    Compare this process to other one design classes where measurement can be a time consuming and painful process. For example, I sailed the 2005 Etchells Worlds held here in San Francisco and we budgeted an entire day for the measurement process - this after the hull had already been checked! As far as I'm concerned, that's one less day sailing!

    How does this come back to the boom sleeve? If left open then we have to write a rule that specifies what a legal boom sleeve is AND then specify a procedure for measuring it at regattas. If we want to stay true to the strict one design standard that has made the Laser what it is today then we are better off with this being a builder supplied part.

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    Obviously you're not suggesting people who are not eligible should vote. Part of the ballot says "I certify that I am a paid-up member of the International Laser Class Association, and I am therefore eligible to vote." To vote and check that box when one isn't a paid-up member would be a pretty blatent lie and that runs counter to the self-policing nature of the sport of sailing where everyone relies on everyone else's sense of honesty and fair-play. To go to the trouble of making up names and e-mail addresses in order to stuff the ballot box really goes beyond the pale.

    Whether the ILCA actually does check the eligibility of the votes or not is immaterial. Perhaps they spot check or don't check at all. It doesn't change the facts anymore than it does on the race course if one sailor fouls another but there are no judges or they don't see the foul -- it doesn't absolve anyone from following the rules.

    If someone cares enough about the Laser class to want to vote they should care enough to join the class to make sure their vote is legal.

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    That would be nice.

    Unfortunatly, unless the votes are verified somehow, there is no way to know who voted and how many times..

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