Prominent Laser Class statesman, Dick Tillman, endorses draft bylaws...

Discussion in 'Laser Class Politics' started by Mark Kastel, Nov 6, 2003.

  1. Mark Kastel

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    Hello all,

    Dick Tillman sent the message below to our Executive Director, asking =
    it be placed on our web site. Because the by-laws, governing the =
    only provided for candidates to use the Web site James very properly, =
    respectably, denied Dick's request. =20

    Therefore, I let Dick know that I would share it with the membership on =
    e-mail list. Please see his message below. =20

    Best regards,=20

    Mark Kastel=20
    Candidate for reelection to the post of NA Secretary

    Mark A. Kastel
    M.A.Kastel and Associates, Inc.
    P.O. Box 2
    La Farge, Wisconsin 54639

    608-625-2042 voice
    608-625-2043 fax

    "There is nothing more difficult to take to in hand, more perilous to
    conduct, or more uncertain in his success, than to take the lead in the
    introduction of a new order of things"=20

    Nicalow Macavelli - The Prince

    -----Original Message-----
    From: []=20
    Sent: Sunday, November 02, 2003 9:10 PM
    Subject: Bylaws


    Please post/distribute as appropriate:

    I have been provided a courtesy copy of the proposed ILCA North American =

    Bylaws. I have read them and wish to endorse them. I have had some
    experience with=20
    class bylaws in past years, having been Commodore of the International =

    Class, Executive Director of the International J/24 Class, President of =
    Windsurfing, and President of the International Sunfish Class. Each of =

    associations have had bylaws which have helped govern their activities. =
    the proposed Laser bylaws will be an essential element in the =

    of the Laser class.

    Dick Tillman
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    Someone shouldn't have copied and pasted :p.
  3. 49208

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    No offense Mark, but shouldn't this and your other post be in the Laser Class & Politics forum ?
  4. Bradley

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    Its not his fault, its mine... And you are right, and its soon to be fixed.
  5. macwas16

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    Wow.....I'm reading Dick Tillman's newest book right now! If he might so happen to ever see is extremely helpful!
  6. drLaser

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    It's been more than a month since the last post on this tread, but for a closure, and for the record, it should be noted that in the vote concluded on November 31, 2003 and overseen by "the prominent Laser Class statesman Dick Tillman" (and John Christensen), the District Secretaries have rejected the adoption of the porposed NA By-Laws by a vote of 13 to 10.

    We are all better off.

    Shevy Gunter
    ILCA NA Member

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