*****Price lowered*****Perfect Condition laser # 208069 for sale in Vancouver, BC

Discussion in 'Laser For Sale Ads' started by Fillah Karim, Jun 7, 2017.

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    British Columbia
    7,500 CAD / 5,560 USD
    If I had any alternative, I would not be selling this boat. However, I am now doing the majority of my training in Europe, and I need the money for my training costs. This is a fast laser I bought in March 2015, it has hardly been used, it is in perfect condition, and the hull has never leaked. The boat has been used total I think max 50 times.

    If you were to buy the package that I am selling new from a laser dealer, you would be spending over 10,500 CAD, and that is not including the additional ~1,2ooCAD you would spend in taxes at the border to bring the boat into Canada.

    *****Please note, the boat will not be available for you to pick up until June 25th, which is the day after the North American championship in Vancouver. You will be able to see the boat beforehand in June, but I will be sailing on it for the North Americans.

    ***** Also, I am not interested to sell any parts separately, it is only available as a full package. (Although I have more used MKII sails I can sell if you are interested)

    Included in the package:
    - Hull 208069
    - Daggerboard
    - 1 boom
    - 1 top section (super stiff)
    - 1 full rig bottom section used ~ 5 times
    - 1 older full rig bottom section that I really like
    - 1 MKII sail used approx 30 times
    - Rooster carbon fiber tiller
    - Rooster carbon fiber tiller extension
    - Mainsheet, vang, cunningham, outhaul, etc...
    - Zhik hiking strap
    - Ronstan mainsheet block (my favorite kind)
    - Gorge series top cover
    - Gorge series bottom cover
    - Fast series spar bag
    - Storm foil bag (a bit old but still works fine)
    - Dynamic Dolly

    You can contact me at fillah@gmail.com if you are interested, I probably will not see comments on this thread.

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