Pre71 for sale with trailer

Discussion in 'Sunfish For Sale' started by stevesail, Oct 29, 2016.

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    va beach
    Boat is in beautiful shape, clean, dry and light. No damage, no inspection plates, slightly scuffed on bottom. Splashguard is solid. Bow handle is solid. All gunnel and cockpit trim is intact. Mast step solid. Bailer is intact and solid with cap. All original stock rudder parts and daggerboard. All original mast and sail, in great shape with a few small patched holes. Blue and white with logo of course. All new lines. Mushroom anchor.

    Comes with galvanized trailer, properly registered in Maine, newly refurbished with new wiring, lights, tires, bearing buddies, tongue, and bow cushion. I have added a stern support for proper upright towing and launching ease. Combined with the long bunk supports which have been properly angled to the hull, the boat floats down the highway on the lightly sprung trailer beautifully made for this boat. Custom foam supports for lashing the mast and sail to the boat securely without damaging the topsides.

    Bought this boat years ago to relive my first sailboat of my childhood, and now I've bought my other lifetime dream, a 40ft. So sadly she must leave the garage to find a great home elsewhere.

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    Based on the serial number your boat was built in 1968.
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    looks just like my '69
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