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    I have recently purchased a 78 Omega and will be adding and replacing some missing parts. I have copied the 14.2 manual but still need rigging information not included in the 14.2 manual. Specifically, how is the centerboard line to raise the board routed from the board back to the cleat. Also what type of strap is mounted on the board and where, none on mine. Also need to know about the shock cord to pull the board back down if bumped up. My boat was never rigged to really be pushed hard or sailed to full potential. Any Omega owners please be aware there is a new Omega sailing in the Memphis area. Charley
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    The original rigging for the OMEGA 14 only had a hold-down line for the centerboard. To RAISE the board you need to add a block behind the mast and another jam cleat on the starboard side of the boat, opposite the one that is used as the board hold-down. you attach a line to the forward top of the centerboard, route it to the block at the foot of the mast and pull back to the jam cleat on the deck. You should probably supply a jam cleat with a fair lead so you line doesn't wander off too far when released.

    It' s an old post, but it seems no one has answered this and I am in the process of re-fitting and old OMEGA>

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    The board floats, so it is up when nothing is holding it down. So there is a line that attaches to a strap eye on the front top of the centerboard when it is in the up position. From there it runs directly back to a cam or clam cleat on the floor along side the aft of the centerboard slot. You simply pull the CB down into position with that line. On the same strap eye on the CB there is a line that runs forward a few inches (in the up position) to a pulley attached to the floor ...and then back to a cam or clam cleat on the other side of the CB slot, right across from the other one I mentioned. This is used to hold the board in the up position when you are trailering mainly. Because you don't need it to pull the board up when sailing because it floats most of the way up when released. If you are holding the board down and you hit something I suppose it would be nice to have some bungee cord in the system to let the CB ride back some. I do not have that.
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