New Tiller doesn't fit??

Discussion in 'Laser Talk' started by Rubicon, Jul 19, 2010.

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    Just purchased a new carbon tiller to replace a very old bulky aluminium tiller. However, when I push the new one into the rudder casing it doesn't fit. It hardly pushes in at all and is very lose when I do get it in a bit. Do I need a tiller jam, a new tiller box section or is it possible to fix my current one, as the blade is still in fair condition.
    After any help.
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    I'm sure somebody will provide a very techincal way of working out how much and where to sand. However, if it were me, I'd gently sand and re-fit, sand and refit until it almost went in to the rudder head and then tap it home with a rubber mallet, or similar, so that it is a tight fit (and needs tapping out again).

    In order not to have the tiller hit the traveller cleat, don't take anything off the bottom unless you absolutely have to.

    If you do overdo things a bit you can always coat the thing in epoxy and start again!
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    I had exactly the same provlem when I purchased a brand new boat a few years ago. The advice I got from Laser was to sand the tiller down until it fitted.

    I was surprised to say the least.

    I went out and bought a rooster tiller and extension and sold the Laser one on to finance it, the Rooster fitted perfectly and has never given me a problem.

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