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Discussion in 'The Dockhouse' started by RunnerDave, Jul 6, 2006.

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    Just joined to learn more. I'm thinking about either a used Sunfish or Zuma in the near future and will be keeping my eye on the boats for sale.

    Dave (in southeastern Connecticut)
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    You probably know that there are a lot more activities for the Sunfish compared to the Zuma. But if you prefer sailing all by yourself, or with just another person/crew, a Zuma might fit you just fine.

    In addition, to the usual sources (this forum, E-bay, Craig's list, newspaper ads, and 'for sale' signs at your local sailing club), you can look at the Vanguard site for boats for sale.
  3. Gail

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    And don't forget yard sales around lakes and just asking around. Often someone (or their parents or grandparents) will have a Sunfish in a garage or barn that they haven't used in eons and it's just waiting for the right person to ask at the right time.

    Welcome! If you decide on Sunfish I'll give the first encouragement for joining the Class association available through and click on "join the Class."

    Hope your search goes well.

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