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    Dear Laser Sailors,

    I am pleased to announce that with the start of the new year, the operation of the ILCA-NA office will be taken over by One Design Management and be based in San Diego, Ca. One Design Management is a recent partnership between Jerelyn Biehl and Sherri Campbell that was formed explicitly to manage one design class associations. Jerelyn comes to the Laser Class with more than 10 years of experience as the Executive Director of the International Snipe Class. She is well versed in the care and feeding of a large one design class association. Sherri, a CPA, has spent many years helping numerous sailing organizations maintain their finances. She is also well versed in the needs of the Laser Class, having spent years traveling to events throughout the North American Region. Together, Jerelyn and Sherri form a strong team that will serve the needs of the Laser Class well. Please join us in welcoming them aboard!

    December will serve as a transition month for the office. James Appel has graciously agreed to continue in his position until the end of December and to work closely with Jerelyn and Sherri to insure a smooth transition. Please continue to take your business to James until the transition is complete.


    Tracy Usher
    ILCA-NA Chairman
    (on behalf of the ILCA-NA Executive Committee)
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    Welcome to Jerelyn Biehl and Sherri Campbell. We look forward to working with you.

    Janet Rupert

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