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Discussion in 'Sunfish Talk' started by Esteroali, Jun 16, 2004.

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    I am repairing my 79 Sunfish. The Gelcoat paste I bought is colorless/green and
    paint is bright, bright white. is there a recommended tint product? Also, under
    the lip,
    where the bottom of the hull (about 1 " wide) flares out into the aluminum
    edging is
    all cracked and crazed.Some of it I can sand out and some of it I Dremmeled out
    planned to Gelcoat in. Do I have to take off the aluminum edge to do this? Any
    as the product type and process of application?Thanks...Damien Ps when putting
    Aluminum edging back on do you back fill the bottom piece of fiberglass and
    drill out
    the top? I was confused on this...
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    I did my 67 fish last summer, I drilled out the rivits on the aluminum trim and removed so i could get a good job, then just picked up some rivits from any hardware store to replace. I used a 2 part fiberglass repair and brightside paint on my complete restore so can't help on the Gel coat, but the gel coat was not recomended to me unless it is a very small area you are doing.

    good luck, practice first on something other then the boat............

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