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Discussion in 'Sailing Talk' started by Banoe, Sep 14, 2010.

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    I got to sailing my new Minifish today and had a couple of questions. There were several rigging issues looks like previous owners got creative over the years. All in all the boat sailed well in 15-20mph winds and the old sail didn't end up in ribbons.

    I think I saw some where here a rigging diagram. I need to know the location of the halyard attachment on the upper spar and the location of the goose neck on the lower spar.

    What was the length of the mast for a Minifish? I think I may have a Sunfish mast as the sail was quite high off the deck when raised.

    That is the correct line diamater for the halyard? The one i have is too large and dosen't slide very well through the mast top.

    Was the original traveler a rope traveler or a wire? I have a rope now and the snap on the sheet wouln't slide from side to side when tacking.

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    For a Minifish? I only know of the setup manual available - free download - at Sunfish Sailor.

    Minifish halyard tie-in is suggested for 6-1/2' up from the bottom of the spar.

    Sunfish, between 8th & 9th sail clip or between the 9th & 10th sail clip. For either boat, it just depends on where you want it to suit your style of sailing.

    Don't know the Minifish boom position in the gooseneck, Sunfish come set at about 17".

    Mast Length = 9'
    Spars = 12' 8"

    Mast Length = 10'
    Spars = 13' 8"

    Logicially, anything smaller than your present line should work better.

    I've not seen a chart for the Minifish. The Sunfish recommendation is 25' of 5mm (3/16") very low stretch line.

    The Mini uses a piece of line. Sounds like you have a Sunfish mainsheet w/clip. Connect the little clip to a larger snap clip and it should run fine.

    Stainless Steel
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    Thanks Wayne,

    Appears I have a sunfish main sheet (it is extra long), It is the correct mast but I have a short 1/4" halyard tied too low on the upper spar, and I need a carabiner.

    Thanks again for the help,

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