Mandatory Insurance at Worlds

Discussion in 'Laser Class Politics' started by oldfart, Jul 14, 2009.

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    Got mine all sorted out with AMICA today. They are also sending me an appropriate proof of insurance card for driving in Canada.

    If you are driving up you might be well advised to check the status of your auto insurance.. insurance...
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    Looks like the Brits have outdone the Canadians. The NOR for the Masters Worlds in the UK this year calls for 2 million GBP liability insurance. Anybody got any advice on good place to buy this?

    By the way, the FAQ on the event website says you need 12 million GBP liability insurance... but I'm hoping that's a mistake?
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    Pretty standard requirement for any UK regatta or club sailing. My standard insurance for my boat (theft, damage, third party, etc.) has £3m third party cover included. My club requires £2m third party liability cover for normal club racing. When I was in France my French policy covered similar liabilities (and was pretty well Europe wide geographically). I cannot remember any limit on the French policy but it was over the levels required in the UK. I would assume you would be taking out some sort of insurance for sailing in the UK and any UK sailing insurance would include adequate 3rd party liability cover. If you need same UK insurance companies providing cover then let anybody know as there are plenty (take out insurance online, etc.). However, those I know tend to provide policies for 12 months - others might be aware of people offering shorter (and thus cheaper) policies. Alternatively, if this 3rd party liability is a European thing, maybe the organisers are making arrangements (for shorter term policies) so maybe contact or suggest it to them.

    I would expect £12m is a typo - but as with all these things it is what they have written that is important and not what I might think they might have meant.

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    As Deimos says, that is the standard insurance requirement for racing in the UK (even at club level). Lots of UK companies (Noble Marine, Newton Crum to name a couple) do specific sailing insurance that meet all the UK requirements, they may be able to help you out if you can't find anywhere else.
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    As Deimos has already pointed out £2million GBP is kind of standard. Pretty much any policy you buy in the UK will come with this as standard. If you cannot get this state side then i suggest you contact one of the UK marine brokers and see if they can do you a short term policy.

    I would recommend Noble Marine, not the cheapest but by far the best compnay to deal with (website

    I believe we have our American friends compensation culture to thank for this....

    Remember £2million will not go that far in litigation, especially if youe little Laser damages or injures someone else......
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    Most Americans would reluctantly agree with you on this.

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