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Discussion in 'Forum Support Discussion' started by gouvernail, Aug 9, 2007.

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    it says no more than 100 x 100 pixels. Whe I posted 100 x 100 and lowered the quality od save on [photochop as low as I coiuld it still said my phoito was way too bit. My puppy photo is fuzzy and smaller than geezer, tracy or Bradley's photos and theirs are crisper. How do I make a big nice clean avitar that will post?

    like how many pixels ? How many inches? How high a quality in the save? Is JPEG a good choice or something else?
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    Gouv, I think the key is to keep the quality very high, at least that's what I do at home with Photoshop, and it seems to work OK. I've been away from home now for months, and I miss my PC. I don't have Photoshop on my laptop.


    I just painted the driveway. Had to because some freak did it before and now it was chipping and ugly. Maybe I should stencil it with little sailboats for that Martha Stewart touch.
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    Ya, I went with the recommended minimum of 200 by 200 pixels. Compressed it enough to make the file size not too big but the file was still very crisp. Uploaded it and it was all fuzzy.

    So then it did a screen shot and cropped the actual image that appears on the posts. Those come out at 120 by 120. Created one at 120 by 120, uploaded it, still fuzzy. Then I did one at 300 by 300 pixels. Still fuzzy.

    But this fellow's avatar is quite clear when he posts. What's the secret? I can get it to work on the many other forums I visit.

    - Andy

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