Maclaren Us Files For Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Discussion in 'Laser Class Politics' started by 49208, Mar 3, 2012.

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    Like so many things in the manufacturing world, profits are not made on the base item, but on the accessories, spare parts (particularly consumables) and the servicing. With lasers, that essentially means the sails. People in her are always complaining that the authentic sails cost $300US more than the copies, multiply that by 5000 a year and suddenly that a fair whack of profitability.
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    Look at companies like Nautivela, Winner Optimist, Blue Blue, McLaughlin, Lange in Argentina, RS, Ovington not to mention Far East. They all make ends meet by supplying boats in much smaller numbers. The spare parts market is covered by Harken, Ronstan and Optiparts ++ and the sails to a large extent by the sailmakers. Do you think any of the above mentioned companies would be happy to be allowed to take over the production and sales of lasers? - with or without replica parts in the market.. LP must either be very badly run.. or money is taken out in the form of dividends or fees to the owners. I feel the latter most likely.

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