learn to sail a sunfish in 3 days, free booklet by Alcort

Discussion in 'Sunfish Talk' started by 73sunfish, Aug 12, 2009.

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    found this gem while surfing.
    • [​IMG]
    • Learn basic sailing from a 10-page (downloadable free) booklet in straightforward language with clear, full color illustrations. Published in 1977 by Alcort, teaches novices how to sail a Sunfish. Content is applicable to most board boats—and the title lives up to its promise.
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    Who reads out the instructions to the person on the Sunfish who is trying to learn to sail?
    The information is sound, unfortunately most people learn through doing not simply reading. You are better off to learn from somebody who already knows how to sail, this is faster and more efficient. During the learning process one needs to sail, read, sail, read etc. I suspect the "book" is a bit of a marketing tool used by Alcort to get people to buy their incredibly easy to sail dinghy.
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    No question lessons from a competent instructor are the quickest way to learn "the right way", but some people prefer to learn on their own. For them, having a guide available that shows the step-by-step basics is a whole lot better than days of fumbling, capsizing, and learning bad habits. :(

    Look at the posts just this season expressing frustration with how to right the boat, let alone coming to the realization it capsizes easily if they aren't an active participant in its sailing.

    I think this is a fantastic starter for anyone new to sailing. Sure it's self promoting of the Sunfish, but no more so than this Forum. ;)

    And like even the advanced tactical guides, you don't read on the water. For a self starter, you study the evening before hand and practice what you read the next day.

    Great post..., I'd like to see it added to the Knowledge Base. :cool:
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    I found the "Learn to sail in 3 days" article a while ago (maybe on the Yahoo Sunfish Group?), and thought it was great. I haven't found a person "to learn the right way" from, usually sail alone - or with someone who rides along and has NO sailing knowledge - so I have spent a ton of time reading online stuff, magazine articles, and books - anything that helps me get prepared for time on the water. As Wayne said, read before you go out, and practice it the next day on the water.

    A few days ago, I gave my copy to my 8-year old son to read. He's an avid reader, and I thought it'd be good to get him started on the basics of sailing... and the "learn to sail in 3 days" did a great job of being short and to the point - covering the basics very well.


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