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Discussion in 'Laser For Sale Ads' started by laser_racer, Dec 2, 2009.

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    i am selling a laser sailboat, it comes with the hull ( not painted ), boom vang ( used only in 3 ragatts ), center board ( not painted ), full rig mast ( top part ), bottom mast, and a boom. it ia a realy good boat and all it need is a sail, rudder, and new lines.the boat is ready to be painted, i ran out of fund so i could by the paint. The blue book value for the hull of the boat is priced as $2,350 and i am looking for the best offer gets it.

    i am asking $1000 obo ( not painted )
    ill paint it for an extra $100 in you buy the paint, or

    $1400 obo ( painted ) this covers all painting metariels

    you can call or texet me any time for more pictures or to come and see the boat 772-634-8389 oe Email me at

    i need it gone by this weekend, MAKE AN OFFER
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